In these general terms and conditions, the terms indicated with a capital letter have the following meaning:


  • “General Terms and Conditions”: these are general terms and conditions of the organizers of the JWK and WC Sailing. Organizers of the event are the Watersportverbond and TIG Sports B.V.
  • “Entry ban”: the ban described in these General Terms and Conditions.
  • “You or Your”: the person who enters into or has entered into an Agreement with the organizers of the JWK and WC Sailing via the website.
  • “Website”: the website of the organization of the JWK and WC Sailing.


  • By accepting the general conditions, you agree with the following conditions, access conditions, privacy policy and regulations.
  • The organization cannot be held liable in case of cancellation, discontinuation or non-completion of a match. The cost of any entry fee will not be refunded.
  • The organization of the JWK and WC Sailing reserves the right to change starting times of parts of the program.
  • Damage suffered at the event location cannot be recovered from the organization of the JWK and WC Sailing.
  • The organization of the JWK and WC Sailing cannot take responsibility for minors.
  • Persons who cannot be held responsible for their own actions must be accompanied by a supervisor who has responsibility for these persons.
  • Visitors who disrupt the event in any way, cause damage or personal injury will be held personally responsible.
  • The organization of the JWK and WK Sailing reserves the right to deny individuals or organizations access to the event location in advance without giving reasons.
  • Visitors are required to follow all directions on (warning) signs and instructions from the organization and employees.


  • You are required to show identification upon the first request of the police or authorized employees of the relevant location and to immediately follow any instructions given to you.
  • You may not enter areas that are not intended for access by the general public.
  • You may not obstruct the flow of traffic on the various event sites. This means in any event that your use of the entrance, stairs, aisles and landings is limited to that which is strictly necessary for entering or leaving the venue.
  • You may not be under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs when entering the event site. In case of reasonable suspicion of such a state by the controlling staff, you can be denied access to the tournament.
  • It is not allowed to offer goods for sale on the event grounds or to have them in your possession for that purpose, such as beverages, food, souvenirs, T-shirts, scarves, flags.
  • The possession of bottles, glasses, cans, sticks, banners with, in the eyes of the controlling staff, discriminating provocative or advertising texts, chains, striking, stabbing or impact weapons, fireworks, or other objects and means that can be used as a weapon or as a means to disrupt the order is not permitted on the various event grounds.
  • You may not throw any object or liquid on the event grounds.
    On the event grounds you may not have with you or use any equipment which, in the opinion of the staff, causes or may cause unnecessary hindrance or inconvenience to others or which may be dangerous for another person or property, including equipment that makes excessive noise such as a foghorn or horn.
  • You may not behave in a provocative or threatening manner on the event site or create any danger to the life or health of yourself or others, or behave in such a way that you may cause damage to the event site in question, such as climbing light poles, fences, roofs, boarding and other equipment or structures.
  • Bringing dogs and other animals to the event grounds is prohibited. This prohibition does not apply to blind guide dogs and assistance dogs.


  • If the organization of the JWK and WC Sailing has exercised its right as described in the Terms and Conditions, it may impose an Entry Ban on You. This ban means that You are not allowed to visit any of the events of the WCS. The extent of the Access Ban depends on the severity of the behaviour that has led to the denial of access or removal from one of the event grounds. An Entry ban will be communicated to you in writing.
  • If the organization of the JWK and WC Sailing has imposed an Entry ban on you, you can lodge an objection with the organization. The objection has no suspensive effect. The objection has to be sent by registered mail. The objection should be received by the organisation not later than 14 days after the date of the Access Ban Notice. If you submit your objection too late, the organization will declare your objection inadmissible. The organization will decide on an admissible objection within 30 days of receipt and inform you of its decision in writing.


  • The organisation of the JWK and WC Sailing is not liable for any damage you suffer during your visit to the sailing events.
  • The liability of the organization of the JWK and WK Sailing for damages caused by intent or gross negligence of the organization of the JWK and WK Sailing or its board is not limited.
  • You will indemnify the JWK and WK Sailing organization for any financial loss it suffers as a result of Your failure to comply with one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions, such as failure to comply with the entry regulations.

The event website indicates the times when the help desk will be available to assist you with questions and uncertainties.