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Allianz Youth World Sailing Championships

The Youth Sailing World Championships will take place from 10 to 15 July 2022. The Youth World Championships are seen as the stepping stone to the World Sailing Championships. The talents up to 19 years compete against each other on a high level and from there they can move on to the top. There are almost no Olympic medal winners who did not also participate in the Youth World Championships.

The Youth World Sailing Championships were first held in 1971 in Ängelholm, Sweden. At the time, 16 countries competed for the titles in two-person dinghy and flipper.

In the years that followed, more and more classes were added to bring together all the young talents around the world in one central place. This place served not only to compete against each other, but also for the social cohesion of all the talents. Therefore, social activities were also organised during the events to create friendships for life.

The host of the 2022 Allianz Youth Sailing World Championships is The Hague.



Event Equipment Boats Male Female
Male windsurfer iQFOIL 50 50
Female windsurfer iQFOIL 50 50
Male one person dinghy ILCA 6 60 60
Female one person dinghy ILCA 6 60 60
Male/Mixed two persons dinghy 420 30 +/-50 +/-10
Female two persons dinghy 420 30 60
Boy’s skiff 29er 30 60
Girl’s skiff 29er 30 60
Mixed Multihull Nacra15 25 25 25
Kiteboarding Formula Kite 60 30 30
The number of boats (max) 385
The number of sailors (max) 420 (260M/ 275F)
The number of coaches 50-70