House rules

Visiting Allianz Sailing World Championships (the grounds) and/or participating in any of the activities is entirely at your own risk.

  • The use or possession of (soft) drugs on the grounds is not allowed.
  • You are required to follow instructions from the organisation and its staff in and around the grounds of Allianz Sailing World Championships.
  • The organisation reserves the right to inspect bags and jackets. If you decide not to cooperate, you will not be granted access to the grounds of Allianz Sailing World Championships.
  • Visitors under the age of 18 are prohibited from purchasing, accepting or consuming alcoholic beverages. The organisation reserves the right not to sell alcohol in case of misbehavior or intoxication.
  • Unwanted, nasty behavior and/or discrimination will not be accepted. Based on behavior, both the organisation, security and police may deny access to the grounds of Allianz Sailing World Championships.
  • The organisation and its staff can not be held responsible for the loss and / or theft of any property of visitors.
  • Damage to objects, event property or people will be recovered from the source.
  • The organisation and security have the right to deny access to any visitor wearing offensive clothing.
  • The following attributes are not allowed to be brought on the event grounds: professional film, photo or sound equipment, alcoholic beverages, hard drugs, soft drugs, glass, cans, plastic bottles, (fire) weapons, dangerous objects, selfie sticks or drones (both on the ground and in the air).
  • It is prohibited to use nitrous oxide, make preparations to do so or carry objects or substances for the purpose of such use, if it causes a nuisance to persons or endangers public order, public safety, public health or the environment.
  • On the grounds of Allianz Sailing World Championships smoking is only allowed outdoors, for all indoor locations a smoking ban applies. This also applies to e-cigarettes.
  • Dogs are allowed, provided they are kept on a leash. In addition, you must always clean up your dog’s poop. You are required to carry a cleaning device (such as a bag) with you when you walk your dog.
  • It is prohibited to distribute leaflets, flyers or other items on and around the grounds where the event will take place. Also, no interviews may be conducted, research conducted or commercial promotion made without the permission of the organization, even if for non-commercial purposes.
  • Recording with professional equipment and/or professional sound equipment is not allowed without permission or issued accreditation from the organization.
  • Photographs, videos and audio recordings will be made on the grounds of Allianz Sailing World Championships. By entering the premises you agree to participate in these recordings which may be used for professional and commercial purposes or safety monitoring.
  • In the harbor, the maximum sailing speed of the harbor must be maintained at all times.
  • In situations where the house rules do not speak sufficiently, the organisation will decide.