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To assist you in your preparation for your trip to The Hague we have some information and tips. This online media notice board will replace the traditional media guide, and will be updated with all details you need to know in the run up to the event.

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🇳🇱 Here’s Everything you want to know about the Allianz Sailing World Championships in Dutch.

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PRESS INVITATION:  ‘City by the Sea’ boat tour and drinks reception – The Hague

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Allianz World Championships Online Media Guide

  • Awards – Para World Champions on podium in Scheveningen

    The awards ceremony at the Braassemermeer on the 16th of August starts at 3 pm.

    Around 7 pm all medal winners in the Hansa 303, RS Feva and 2.4mR will be in Scheveningen for another podium ceremony and interviews.

  • About The Hague

    About The Hague

    The city of The Hague with its 500.000 inhabitants  is the administrative and royal capital of the Netherlands and its seat of government, as well as the capital of the province of South Holland. The metropolitan area is also home to the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court.

    As the only Dutch city located directly on the coast, The Hague is known as ‘the City by the Sea’ and is committed to becoming climate neutral by 2030 – 10 years ahead of the Netherlands national goal. Renewable energy is for that reason a key focus. The city’s roofline is topped with many solar panels, while a short distance offshore there are a multitude of wind turbines.

    The Seaport The Hague – Scheveningen seafront area is popular with both sailing enthusiasts and tourists alike. Scheveningen is home to a variety of restaurants and cafés. The Hague has hosted many great regattas and has a special place in its heart for competitive inshore and offshore sailing.

  • Accommodation

    Find tips about hotels and accommodation in this pdf:

    Accommodation Tips – Allianz Sailing Wolrd Championships – The Hague.

  • About the Dutch Water Sport Association

    About the Dutch Water Sport Association

    The Royal Dutch Water Sport Association consists of and advocates for more than 350 affiliated water sports clubs and more than 80,000 members with a love for water sports,

    Next to that the Royal Dutch Water Sport Association:

    • supports clubs with challenges that are generic for all clubs
    • makes children enthusiastic about water sports with a.o. Optimist on Tour 
    • educate  trainers, instructors and officials so that competitive athletes can participate in contemporary and well-organized competitions 
    • is committed to clean, safe and accessible waterways in the Netherlands supports our top athletes in winning medals.

    The seven race courses at the Allianz Sailing Worlds are run by committees of the following clubs : 

    • The Royal Rowing and Sailing Association ‘De Maas’ 
    • Water sports club Braassemermeer 
    • Yacht Club Scheveningen 
    • Royal Water Sports Association De Kaag 
    • Royal Sailing and Rowing Club Hollandia 
    • Royal Yacht Club of Belgium 
    • Team Rule 

    World class Race Management

    With the Allianz Sailing World Championships, competitive sailing, kite and windsurfing in the Netherlands has received a boost with well-trained competition officials and judges who have gained experience at the highest level.

    In the run-up to and during the Allianz Sailing World Championships, 40,000 children in total were and will be introduced to water sports via Optimist on Tour. 

    In addition, together with the Parakano, Sailwise and Sailability committee, we were also able to offer adapted sailing, supping and canoeing for young people with a disability. 

    Through more than twenty-five different locations in the Netherlands, schoolchildren between the ages of 8-12 have learned to sail, canoe and paddleboard for free. 

    These 40,000 children also learned about water management, water sports, plastic soup and team spirit through the World of Water curriculum. Especially for the Allianz World Sailing Championships, new lessons have been developed in collaboration with MissieH2 for World of Water about hydrogen, seaports, energy at sea.

    The Mobile Sailing Lesson was developed especially for the Allianz Sailing World Championships, a follow-up to the first introduction of sailing at Optimist on Tour. Especially for children between the ages of 8-12, sailing lessons were given at various ‘pop-up’ locations in The Hague, once a week for the period of a month. This way, 189 children could take sailing lessons in an accessible way. 

    The concept is such a success that the cooperating associations Jachtclub Scheveningen, De Kaag and the Haagse Kust Zeilvereniging and the Federation have decided to continue the Mobile Sailing Lessons after the Allianz World Sailing Championships.

    In the run-up to the Allianz World Sailing Championships, Clean up on Tour traveled to 12 different locations in the Netherlands. Everyone who wanted could participate in a Clean Up for free. With guidance and help from a cerfitifed SUP instructor one could learn the basics of stand up paddling, while fishing trash from the water. A total of 1,663 kg of rubbish was collected in 2022 and 797 kg in 2023 so far. On 12 and 13 August, Clean Up on Tour is in The Hague.


    With the motto The Future is Water, the Watersportverbond draws attention to the importance of clean and sufficient water. We make people aware, inspire and encourage action. So that together we ensure clean and sufficient water. Now and in the future. 

  • Boatpark acces

    Accreditations to enter the boataprks are required from Monday 7 August to Sunday 20 August.

    A standard media accreditation does not allow you to enter the boatparks. Team PR managers do get acces to the boatpark to be able to bring athletes to the mixed zone area / meeting point when media have requested this. We do advise journalists and news outlets to organise interviews or let athletes, staff, PR managers know you are around and waiting at the media & mized zone hub next to the boatpark.

    For classes and national media teams we can provide one bib to access the boat park, so a photographer/videographer can be like flies on the wall with the teams/classes and register when athletes are preparing, leaving and coming back. The media team will distribute the bibs before the first racing day.

  • Classes and associations

    Find an overview of participating Olympic and para sailing classes

    Olympic and para sailing class associations

    ILCA 6/7:






    2.4mR CLASS:

    RS Feva:

    Internationale Hansa Class Organisation:

  • How to get around

    The event is located in The Hague / Scheveningen harbour city centre, one of the busiest areas in summer. Choose the fastest and smartest way to travel to the Hague coast. By bike, public transport, scooter or shared scooter you will get to the Allianz Sailing Worlds and Festival at Sea the fastest. If you do decide to come by car, the best choice is to use Park + Beach or park in a parking garage. Find more information about transport on our website.

    The organisation has a few bikes available for media on a day by day basis to quickly move around to the boat parks. At the media center you can sign a form to get your key for the day. It’s not possible to keep these bikes for the entire period.

    We have lockers in the media centre to leave your gear. We also have a kiss and ride option if you like to drop of heavy equipment but please note that getting there can be challenge and takes time.

  • Medal Race Schedule

  • Media accreditation

    Pick up

    With the email confirmation about your accreditation you can pick up your accreditation upon arrival. Pick up will be at the media center when you arrive on the 8th of August or later. The media center is located at Vissershavenweg 50 and opens at 8 am on race days.

    Media center and mixed zone facilities

    Your accreditation allows you to work in the media centre and use the mixed zone facilities near the boat parks. It does not guarantee you a spot on a press boat. Please bear in mind that we have limited space on press boats due to safety and sustainability. A press boat request form will follow.

    Your standard media accreditation does not allow you to enter the boatparks. We advise you to organise your interviews with athletes, staff, PR managers. Team PR managers do get acces to the boatpark, they will be able to reming athletes about he mixed zone area / meeting point when you have requested for them to stop by after racing. We also organise bibs for team media and class media, and wrist bands for the mixed zones on the boat parks. Please find Fabienne or Hester in the Media Center to ask for more information.

  • Media center The Hague

    Please note that accreditation is required to access the media center and media facilities. The media center in Scheveningen is located in the office building of Den Heijer, Vissershavenweg 50, 2583 DK Den Haag

    The media center in Scheveningen opens on the first official registration and equipment inspection day of the Championships which is 6 August.

    Opening hours on non-racing days will be from 0900 – 1900 local time.
    Opening hours during competition days will be from 0800 – 2100 local time.

    There’s coffee, tea and water available in the media center. For sustainability reasons we kindly ask you to bring your own reusable bottle.

    Kiss and ride

    There is a kiss opportunity at the media center in Scheveningen for when you’d like to drop off heavy gear. Please note getting there on busy summer days can be a challenge and takes time.


    The media center has a limited number of lockers where accredited media can store bags and other belongings. Photographers and videographers will have priority of use and can request a key at the media center information desk. If needed, our staff may request you to empty lockers at night and the keys returned to the infopoint daily.

    If your key is lost, you will be charged 50 Euros. The Allianz Sailing Worlds is not responsible for any loss of media personal belongings.

    No printing facilities

    For sustainability reasons no printer will be installed at the media center.

  • Media hubs & Mixed Zone Facilities

    Right next to the entrance of every boat parks you’ll find a media hub with mixed zone facilities for accredited media. To make life easy, the mixed zone facilities are on a spot where athletes pass by either when they come from the water, wash their boat or leave the boatpark.

    Interview requests
    In the AMR is stated that walking by the mixed zone is mandatory after all races. Please bear in mind that most media are not allowed on the boatpark and use the mixed zone to meet the competitors for a short interview. We do advise you to liaise with the respective team PRs and/or sailors. Media is allowed to enter the mixed zone on the boat parks with a black wrist band, which you get in the media center.

    The media hubs at Scheveningen will be staffed by volunteers. They can help with information about racing and timings and results and other practical information. But it’s your own responsibility to get interview appointments with the athletes you’d like to talk to. Also the press managers/team PR’s can help you with this.

  • Meet the Dutch team

    July’s episode of the World Sailing Show catches up with the Dutch sailing team ahead of the Allianz Sailing World Championships, The Hague, in August and finds out the secrets to their recent success.

    After winning four of the six classes at the World Cup in Almere, and following success at Tokyo 2020, the Dutch team continue to push each other, learn and will be looking to replicate these achievements at the Allianz Sailing World Championships, The Hague – and then at Paris 2024. 

    🇳🇱 Everything you want to know about the Allianz Sailing World Championships in Dutch.

    Dutch Participants at the Allianz Sailing World Championships The Hague

    In total 29 Team Allianz athletes are competing, 20 athletes who are not in the national selection and another seven athletes competing in the para sailing competition at the Braassemermeer.


    • Bart Lambriex & Floris van de Werken (Team Allianz)
    • Robbert Huisman & Jorn Swart
    • Wiebrand de Vos & Corne Janssen
    • Olaf Ganzevles & Stijn Gast

    49-er FX

    • Odile van Aanholt & Annette Duetz (Team Allianz)
    • Paula van Wieringen (Team Allianz) & Isis Lodewijk
    • Marlies Schouten & Maud Lodewijk
    • Vera ter Horst & Jorien Hin

    ILCA 6

    • Marissa IJben (Team Allianz)
    • Maxime Jonker (Team Allianz)
    • Marit Bouwmeester (Team Allianz)
    • Mirthe Akkerman (Team Allianz)

    ILCA 7

    • Thomas van Ofwegen (Team Allianz)
    • Willem Wiersema (Team Allianz)
    • Duko Bos (Team Allianz)
    • Niels Broekhuizen (Team Allianz)
    • Paul Hameeteman (Team Allianz)


    • Afrodite Zegers & Pim van Vugt

    NACRA 17

    • Laila van der Meer & Bjarne Bouwer (Team Allianz)
    • Willemijn Offerman & Scipio Houtman (Team Allianz)
    • Puck van der Veen & Wouter van Rooijen
    • Jella Rike Spijkervet & Bart Kooijman


    • Luuc van Opzeeland (Team Allianz)
    • Kiran Badloe (Team Allianz)
    • Huig-Jan Tak (Team Allianz)
    • Max Castelein (Team Allianz)
    • Joost Vink (Team Allianz)
    • Lilian de Geus (Team Allianz)
    • Sara Wennekes
    • Fianne van den Brule


    • Annelous Lammerts (Team Allianz)
    • Mariska Wildenberg
    • Roderick Pijls (Team Allianz)
    • Sven van de Kamp (Team Allianz)
    • Jis van Hees (Team Allianz)
    • Sam Aben (Team Allianz)

    RS Venture

    • Wieke Mulder & Jasper Zuidervaart
    • Katelijne Langezaal & Arend Pet


    • Pieter Visser

    Hansa 303

    • Jurrian Raa
    • Finy Teitsma
  • Mixed Zones

    On all boat parks the mixed zones are situated near the entrance/exit. Just outside the boat park or right next to the entrance on the inside. You can ask for a wrist band to enter the mixed zones that are on the boat parks.

    The AMR states it’s mandatory going through the mixed zone at the athlete’s boat park after each day off racing. Please bear in mind that most media are not allowed on the boatpark and use the mixed zone to meet the competitors for a short interview.

  • Press boat requests

    A limited number of accredited camera crews and photographers can follow the athletes on the water. The Allianz Sailing Worlds press & comms team will review applications and will assign spots onboard on a priority basis. 

    If you’d like to go out on a press boat please make sure you’ve submitted the online waiver form before the 10th of August. If you have not submitted the waiver form we can’t handle your press boat request. 

    A press boat request form will be published closer to the event. A request does not guarantee you access. The media team will review all requests and will share the press boat schedule with the time and place the boat will leave, by 22:00 the day prior to the event. 

  • PRESS INVITATION ‘City by the Sea’ boat tour and drinks reception – The Hague

  • Press releases

    Daily press releases about the Allianz Sailing World Championships will be distributed by World Sailing and published on their website.

    Press releases with event related news can be found on the Allianz Sailing World Championships local event website.

  • Race courses Braassemermeer

  • Race courses Scheveningen

  • Team PR contacts

    The Netherlands:

    Team NED
    Press officer: Simon Keijzer +31 6 54754405

    Team GBR
    Communications Manager Will Carson +44 7769 505203
    Videographer Alice Callow +44 7517 089511

    Team CAN

    Patrick Godbout
    Communications Manager | Gestionnaire des communications
    Sail Canada | Voile Canada
    Email | Courriel :
    Phone | Téléphone : 514 213-9897


    When you are a press officer or main team PR contact for one of the teams/countries participating at the Allianz Sailing World Championships please send us an email with your details at so we can add your details to this list.

    Only on medal race days the mixed zone is mandatory for athletes participating in the Allianz Sailing World Championships. On all other days we advise attending media to liaise with athletes/press officers/team PR’s to organise their interviews. A media accreditation does not give access to the boat park. There will be a mixed zone meeting point right next to every boat park where athletes and media can meet after racing.

  • TV Coverage / Broadcasts / Live Streams

    Racing and action shots plus interviews in English and native language will be available throughout the 2023 Allianz Sailing World Championships, The Hague. Medal Races on the final day of each event will be streamed live on World Sailing’s Facebook and YouTube Channel.

    TV / Broadcast media (NON rightsholders) can ask World Sailing for access to VNR’s (video news releases) with TV footage, produced by host broadcaster Sunset + Vine. For further information please contact

    For any specific footage requests, please contact:

    Sabina Mollart Rogerson
    Telephone: +44 (0)7922 140148

    More information can be found here:

  • Waiver

    If you’d like to go out on a press boat please make sure you’ve submitted the online waiver form before the 10th of August. If you have not submitted the waiver form we can’t handle your press boat request.

  • Whatsapp Media Info Group

    You can join the Whatsapp Media Info Group using this link.

    We will try to keep the information in the Media Whatsapp Info Group to key updates about the daily program, arrival of the classes in the boat parks after racing and press boat schedules. For any clarification that may be needed you can either talk to Hester or Fabienne in the media center or send a DM.

    There will also be QR codes in the media center to enter the group if you want to join later.