Allianz partner Watersportverbond and World Sailing Championships

Allianz Benelux and the Watersportverbond have agreed a partnership for 8 years. By doing so, Allianz supports the Watersportverbond in its mission to let Dutch people sail safely, successfully and with pleasure, now and in the future. In addition, Allianz has become the main sponsor of the Youth World Championships 2022 and the World Sailing Championships 2023 in The Hague, and the annual Allianz Regatta, formerly the Medemblik Regatta. The events are also the reason why TIG Sports is a partner in the agreement. The broad partnership in water sports is in line with Allianz’s goal – ‘We secure your future’. It also complements Allianz’ global partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Olympic & Paralympic Partnership

Allianz has been supporting the International Paralympic Committee since 2006 and on 11 January 2021 launched the worldwide partnership of the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the period 2021-2028. With this too, Allianz wants to use sport to work towards a better and inclusive world, based on the Olympic and Paralympic vision.


Allianz and the Watersportverbond, a good match

The Watersportverbond (Water Sports Association), with its 400 associations, ensures that Dutch people can enjoy a lifetime of fun, success and safety on the water. The Dutch top sailors have dominated the world top for some years now. With this partnership Allianz and the Watersportverbond want to build further on the future of water sports in The Netherlands with confidence and dedication. This means building on the pleasure of current and new athletes on the water, on innovation in the sport and on keeping the Dutch waters accessible, clean and safe.


‘We are very proud that we have found a world-class partner in Allianz, which has committed itself to us for eight years.’


The Future is Water

The synergy between the three partners with regard to the above objectives is expressed by the partnership motto: ‘The Future is Water’. The Watersportverbond, Allianz and TIG Sports believe in the power of water and in the power of sports and are joining forces towards the future. Top sport, recreational sport, events, education, sustainability and innovation are the main themes.

Sjoerd Laarberg, CEO Allianz Netherlands: “We are looking forward to the cooperation with the Watersportverbond and TIG Sports. Their ambition to make water sports accessible for everyone in clean water fits in perfectly with our aim to contribute to a carefree and sustainable future. Not only for our customers, employees and business partners, but also for everyone who cares about water sports, from young to old and from young talent to top athletes.”

Arno van Gerven, managing director of the Watersportverbond: “We are extremely proud that in Allianz we have found a world-class partner who will commit to us for no less than eight years. An exceptional moment which, as far as I am concerned, marks the future. Together with our clubs we can continue to pursue our ambitions. That means remaining the best sailing country and inspiring the youth with everything that the water has to offer. This is how we want to win the next generation for our sport and our clubs in particular. We want to surprise and conquer the Netherlands with unique water sports events. In short: we look forward to working with Allianz to continue building the first summer sport in The Netherlands.”

Afrodite Zegers and Lobke Berkhout – Team Allianz

About Allianz Benelux
Allianz is a world leader in insurance and financial services, with a presence in more than 70 countries and more than 147,000 employees serving 100 million customers. Allianz is the number one insurance brand in the Interbrand Global Brand Rankings 2020. In the Benelux, Allianz offers insurance products and services for private individuals, the self-employed, SMEs and large companies, via advisers. From motor insurance to disability insurance and from term life insurance to business pensions. Allianz in The Netherlands serves more than 1.3 million customers with the aid of distribution partners and the direct writer Allianz Direct. In The Netherlands Allianz has around 1,000 employees and a revenue of € 1.3 billion. In Belgium and Luxembourg Allianz serves more than 900,000 customers, has more than 950 employees and a turnover of € 2.8 billion. More information: 

About the Watersportverbond
With 400 water sports associations and more than 80,000 members, the Watersportverbond supports water sports at all levels and in many ways. From enthusing children and training trainers to making the 4,400 kilometres of Dutch waterways accessible, affordable and navigable.

About TIG Sports
TIG Sports specializes in creating, renewing and organizing large-scale international sports events in the Netherlands. With a team of thirty fulltime employees, TIG Sports is responsible for the entire process, from concept development, financing, promotion and budgeting to the delivery of a quality sports event. TIG Sports ambition is to be actively involved in the biggest international sports events in the Netherlands.

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