Practical information for the surroundings

From Thursday 10 to Sunday 20 August, Scheveningen will be the centre of the Allianz Sailing World Championships. The Allianz Sailing World Championships is the biggest sailing event (and after the Olympics also the most important event) in the world. The Hague is sports city by the sea and we are therefore extremely proud that this event is taking place in The Hague. Over 900 boats from 85 different countries will be in action during the event. For 11 days, Scheveningen will be all about sailing and water sports.

The North Beach will be transformed into ‘Festival at Sea’, where numerous activities for young and old will take place. Festival at Sea is free to visit daily.

We realise that large-scale events also have an impact on the immediate surroundings. Of course, we do everything we can to manage the (traffic) congestion and minimise the impact on businesses and residents. That is why we are happy to inform you about the measures we are taking in your immediate surroundings in the run-up to, during and after the event.

Read here what this event can mean for you and how you can prepare. This page will be regularly updated with current information.

Opening hours Festival at Sea
Festival at Sea is free to visit daily from 10am from Thursday 10 August to Sunday 20 August. The festival site is open until 20:30, except on the day of opening (10 August) and the day of closing (20 August), when the site is open until 17:00.

Free entry
The event is free to visit. There is an awful lot to do, see and experience for everyoe. As soon as the entire programming is known, we will share it via all our channels.

Location of the event site
The event site consists of: Festival at Sea and the competition area on the water of the North Sea. Festival at Sea is located on the beach between Hartbeach beach pavilion and FONK. This page shows what the event terrain will look like.

Expected visitor numbers
1,300 sailors will take part in the Allianz Sailing World Championships, who will be accompanied by some 450 staff members. The Allianz Sailing World Championships takes place on the North Sea. As a result, large visitor numbers (maximum 1,500 per day) are not expected for the event.

Boat parks
Over 900 boats from different countries will come to Scheveningen during the event to participate in the Allianz Sailing World Championships. To limit the crowds and inconvenience of this, we spread the boats over 5 boat parks.

1: Between La Cantina and the South Beach.

2: Hellingweg at Nationaal topzeilcentrum

3: Parking North Beach (near the Beach Stadium)

4: Brandingsport vereniging Jumpteam

5: Braassemermeer (Braassem, Zuid Holland). This is where the Para Sailing races take place.

To take up only the necessary space at Scheveningen, the trailers on which the boats are transported are parked at Duindigt (Wassenaar).

Beach access between La Cantina and the South Beach
One of the boat parks is located between La Cantina and the South Beach, so this area will not be fully accessible from 19 July until 3 September at the latest.

  • From 19 July, this boat park will be built step by step from the dunes to the sea.
  • From 24 July, the beach between La Cantina and the Soutch Beach will no longer be accessible to visitors. However, there will always be the possibility to access the stairs at the South Beach via the surf.
  • Dismantling will take place from 25 August to 3 September at the latest. This too will be done in phases, so that space will become available for visitors from the sea towards the dunes as soon as possible.
  • La Cantina and the beach in front of La Cantina will remain easily accessible at all times.

Access to the beaches in the harbour
The beaches in the harbour will not be accessible from 31 July until 24 August at the latest.

We realise that this will affect the loyal users of both sections on the beach. Therefore, we are organising additional activities for the immediate area to enjoy the event. To stay informed about this, please sign up for the special newsletter specifically for the surrounding area.

Construction and deconstruction period
The construction of the event site starts on Monday 17 July, and the deconstruction starts immediately on Sunday 20 August in the evening and lasts until Sunday 3 September at the latest. We will do our utmost to keep this period as short as possible. In doing so, we take local residents and entrepreneurs into account as much as possible to avoid inconvenience, for example by breaking down per area.

There is a stage on the grounds of Festival at Sea where music is played. All performances are free of charge. In doing so, the organisers naturally comply with the maximum noise standard in force.

No roads will be closed and all businesses and residences will remain accessible. In case of additional traffic, traffic controllers will be deployed. In order to reduce traffic, visitors are advised to come by bicycle or public transport and we will communicate this very actively through all our channels. Visitors who do come by car are referred to the existing parking facilities around Central Station and Holland Spoor from where they can travel to the event by public transport.

Traffic measures
The Allianz Sailing World Championships in particular attracts many participants to Scheveningen, not many spectators are expected as the event takes place on the North Sea and is not easily visible from the beach. We encourage all participants, coaches and spectators to come to the event site by bike or public transport. Of course, we will do all we can to manage (traffic) congestion and your home or business will be accessible at all times.

For the most up-to-date information on accessibility and practical measures for local residents and surrounding businesses, please sign up for the newsletter specifically for the area.

Scheveningseweg and Strandweg emergency route
To ensure safety for you as residents and entrepreneurs, a section of Scheveningseweg and Strandweg will be temporarily cleared of incoming regular traffic and used in two directions as an emergency route in the event of extreme congestion. This allows emergency services such as ambulances, police and fire brigades to continue to drive freely on this route.

Do you have any questions following the above information? If so, be sure to contact us at omgeving@allianzsailingworlds.com. We will ensure you receive a response within two working days at the latest.

More information
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It is not possible to claim any rights from the above measures. The organisation reserves the right to make changes if safety is compromised.