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The Hague

Some destinations should be cherished forever and The Hague is one of them. The international city of peace and law, new styles and old masters, shops and royal palaces, exotic cuisines and the harbour, two seaside resorts and the home of the King and Queen. The Hague is the only major Dutch city by the sea. Just 15 minutes from the historical city centre, with no less than 11 kilometres of beach. A unique combination to experience the ultimate holiday feeling in all four seasons.

Dutch masters

Visit the Mauritshuis and discover Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring or Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait. Be amazed by Escher’s Metamorphosis and see Mondrian’s transition in his Victory Boogie Woogie in the Kunstmuseum Den Haag. This is just a small selection from a wide variety of museums.

From fresh fish to exotic dishes

A visit to The Hague offers an abundance of choice for everyone. The harbour is a good choice for a sunset dinner with fresh fish on your plate. As the ‘widow of the Dutch East Indies’, the city has a wide range of Indonesian restaurants offering elaborate ‘rice tables’ in a typical colonial atmosphere.

Shopping seven days a week

The Hague has a charming and historic city centre where the shops are open seven days a week. It is a compact area where you will find vintage, fashion and department stores and art galleries within walking distance.

Green city by the coast

Given the population density of the Netherlands, visitors to The Hague are always surprised to find such an abundance of lush greenery in the city. Parks, woods, dunes and numerous green open spaces cover more than 400 hectares, meaning that no less than a third of the city is green.

Seaport The Hague-Scheveningen

Centrally located on the Dutch coastline, the port of Scheveningen has direct access to the North Sea, providing fast access to and from the port. The port of Scheveningen has excellent conditions for receiving smaller cruise ships, is accessible for ships up to 165 metres in length with a draught of up to 7.5 metres, has all the necessary facilities and always provides a warm reception for cruise ships. The beautiful view of the marina, the hustle and bustle of the fish market and the fresh sea breeze make the port of Scheveningen a unique place in the Netherlands.