Volunteer Communications

For team Communication and Media, we are looking for enthusiastic communication and media volunteers with knowledge of (racing) sailing to join the team.

Social Reporter
As a Social Reporter, you will go out onto the event grounds and look for special moments, spot opportunities and provide additional content. It is up to you to capture the atmosphere of the event. Social media holds no secrets for you and you know exactly which content might score well. As Social Reporter, you are the extra pair of eyes for our content team!

Twitter Reporter
As a Twitter Reporter, you will be tasked with reporting on the matches. You will take notes on the main events of the races (as well as the event) and share this on the official Twitter channel of the Allianz Sailing World Championships.  Sailing knowledge is very important in this role. Contact with the bridge is necessary.

Image editor
There are lots of different photographers running around during the Allianz Sailing World Championships, all making sure to capture the special moments. The photographers post their photos directly to an online image bank. As an image editor, you ensure that all photos are in the right folders so that they can be found at any time. You know exactly what photos have been taken and which ones are suitable for different purposes. You are the right person for finding a suitable photo to go with an article, so editors and social reporters like to ask you for suitable images to go with their articles. In addition, you look for the top 10 best photos every day, which are posted at the end of the day on all the different channels.

As an editor, you are tasked with writing an article on a particular topic. You gather the necessary information, take notes on the most important events on your specific topic, interview important people and then write an article about it. Together with your fellow editor, you will edit each other’s articles. These articles are checked by the coordinator, adjusted slightly if necessary and then published on the website. Sailing knowledge is an absolute must for this job.

Photographer (COMPLETE)

As a team member, we ask for your commitment from 10 August to 20 August. We strongly prefer you to be available all days. This is because the work involves a lot of dynamics and it is important to get used to each other during the whole period. In any case, a commitment of at least 5 (preferably connected) days is a requirement.

Do you have any questions? Then send an e-mail to volunteers@allianzsailingworlds.nl. Are you enthusiastic and would you like to apply immediately? Then apply directly via the button below.

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