Volunteer EventSupport

EventSupport is the place for enthusiastic centipedes who know how to get things done. During the event, this is where you will be dealing with both the public and the athletes. One day, you may be deployed in the fan zone to answer questions from the audience. Other days, you may also be deployed during accreditation, i.e.: you will be responsible for issuing and registering the entry passes for both athletes, accompanying teams and all people from the World Cup team itself.

Main tasks

Assist the organisation in places with various tasks: e.g. supervising judges, accreditation, accompanying sailors on various occasions, crowd supervision in the fan zone.

What you bring with you

  • You are a real connector. It is important that you connect easily with people and have a feel for different backgrounds.Je communiceert duidelijk en tactvol.
  • You can work quickly and accurately.
  • You have an open and flexible attitude.
  • You enjoy being deployed in other places during the event.

You master the Dutch language and can express yourself well in English.

When should you be available?
Accreditation will take place from 4 August to 7 August. The exact working hours for this are yet to be determined.  Supervision in the fanzone (or other places) is from 10 August to 20 August. You will work during this period from 10:00-17:00 of course, we would like it if you are part of the World Cup team during the whole period. In any case, a minimum of 4 (preferably consecutive) days is required.

Do you have any questions? Then send an e-mail to volunteers@allianzsailingworlds.nl. Are you enthusiastic and would you like to apply immediately? Of course you can do so via the button below.

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