Volunteer media

Press centre
In this role, you will be responsible for the efficient running of the media centre. That means: welcoming the visiting external media, handing out accreditations, answering questions about planning, locations (map), when there are press moments, how to get in touch with the press officers of the participating teams. But also think about catering, parking, planning of press boats. You will do this under the guidance of the spokesperson and press officer of the event (Dutch) and of World Sailing (English).

Media ribs
In this role, you will be responsible for allocating the press boats in consultation with the event press officer and race press officer. These journalists (often photographers) must get into the right boat with the right clothes on, with life jackets on. The driver/driver of the boat must also be aware of who he/she has on board.

Media ramp / mixed zone
When the different fleets arrive, you will be the point of contact for media and the media centre to connect athletes and media, in consultation with press manager event and press manager race. Also very important to indicate what is happening there for the timing of the media to be on the spot to get a quote. At the time of the medal races, we are going to make this more formal with a mixed zone for the athletes to speak to the media in a more organised setting.

As a team member, we ask for your commitment from 10 to 20 August. We strongly prefer you to be available all days. This is because the work involves a lot of dynamics and it is important to get in tune with each other throughout the period. At least a commitment of 5 (preferably consecutively connected) days is a requirement. Do you have any further questions? Then please send an email to volunteers@allianzsailingworlds.nl. Are you enthusiastic and want to apply immediately? Then apply directly via the button below.

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